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Affordable Detox Centers is the nation's premier directory for affordable drug detox centers and affordable alcohol detox centers.  We work with only the top and most affordable detox centers in the United States.  Choosing to seek help for an addiction to drugs or alcohol can be a very frustrating and turbulent process.  Affordable Detox Centers is a friendly, easy to use site designed to help you or a loved one find the most suitable and affordable detox center that is right for you and meets your needs.

Many times an affordable detox center is the first step in the road to recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.  Often, an individual has built up a tolerance to their substance of choice and may find it very difficult to stop on their own or to go cold turkey because of the onset of withdrawal symptoms.  Because of this, as well as the fear of getting sick from withdrawals, many individuals keep drinking and using their substance of choice without seeking help.

We only work with medical detox centers that ensure each person a comfortable, safe, and medical detox from their substance of choice.  Each detox center is fully staffed with the appropriate medical team consisting of medical detox doctors, nurses, counselors, and behavioral health technicians.  While in an affordable detox center, each client is closely monitored during their detox process and attends individual therapy and group therapy on a daily basis.  In addition, many of the affordable detox centers that we work with utilize a dual diagnosis component and have a psychiatrist on staff to help balance  a person's medication. Clients are encouraged to seek a 30-60 day drug treatment or alcohol treatment program upon completion of their detox.

Many of the detox centers we work with accept all types of major medical insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and may work on a sliding scale fee.  We understand how hard the decision is to seek help and make the choice to enter a detox center.  We have all been there and all of our crisis counselors are recovering drug addicts and alcoholics who have been through this process themselves.  We are here to help make this process as easy and swift as we can.  If you or a loved one is searching for a affordable detox center, please call us now.  Our crises counselors are standing by ready to listen with a soft ear and address any questions or concerns you may have while helping guide you to the best and most affordable detox center that meets your needs.

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We specialize in opaite, cocaine, alcohol, and suboxone/methadone detox in a loving, and comfotable setting. Most insurances accepted

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Medication Assisted Treatment

For individual's who struggle with severe opiate addiction and an ongoing history of relapse. MAT helps significantly to increase the chances of a person staying in and completing their treatment program.